We aim at moulding nurses who are capable of performing individual nursing assessment, create diagnoses and make independent nursing interventions.

Nurses in ASTER MIMS play a vibrant and pivotal role in the care and management of patients and family. We are proud of the high-quality nursing care provided at ASTER MIMS. Being the largest group of healthcare professionals at ASTER MIMS, our nurses’ involvement is critical in representing the values and fulfilling the vision and mission of our organization. Our passionate staff of trained and dedicated nurses exhibit professionalism, teamwork and respect in a dynamic patient care setting, providing round the clock service through comprehensive nursing care for individuals of all ages, families, groups and communities required.

Our dedicated service is centered on the patient and & ‘client delight’ is our foremost priority. Emphasis of our department is on caring rather than on curing as the latter is not always possible. We believe that nursing encompasses collaborative care, complimenting and co-operating with other departments for the benefit of the patient. The organization encourages a certain degree of autonomy among its nurses, expecting every nurse employed here to participate actively in-patient care by planning and implementing appropriate nursing measures as and when needed.

Nursing at ASTER MIMS

Our nurses are equipped to meet emergency, save lives and are trained in American Heart Association approved BLS & ACLS courses.

Patient Care Delivery System

Patient assignment System (Case Method): A professional nurse employed at ASTER MIMS assumes full responsibility of providing complete care for a specified number of patients. She is accountable for the care of the patients in all respects during her period of care.

Practicing Infection Control activities

Infection control activities are followed in our hospital by the following:

  • Monitoring housekeeping activities
  • Monitoring disinfection & sterilization practices
  • Ensure availability & use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Surveillance of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Biomedical waste management
  • Isolation Protocol
  • Pre & Post exposure prophylaxis
  • Practice of Standard & Universal Precautions
  • Preparing & monitoring Arteriogram
  • Updating policies & procedures.
  • Providing infection control guidelines for engineering work
  • Regular Audits of infection control practices

Promotion of Patient Safety

  • ACLS / BLS trained staff to meet all patient related emergencies.
  • Computer Provided Order Entry (CPOE) to prevent medication transcriptional errors.
  • Round the clock nursing supervision for all departments.
  • Audits to detect errors.
  • Continuing nursing education & practical training workshops.
  • Patient Education.

Quality Assurance in Nursing

  • Nursing Audits & surveillance
  • Continuing Nursing Education
  • Provision for higher studies
  • Programs to enhance personality development
  • On-going performance appraisal
  • Feedback Analysis
  • Incident reports - reporting of all untoward incidents
  • Preventive and corrective actions for NCRs
  • Unique Emergency management system

Code Blue and Rapid Response Team (RRT).

“Code Blue”:

A declaration of or a state of medical emergency and call for medical personnel and equipmentto attempt to resuscitate a patient especially when in cardiac arrest or respiratory distress or failure.

A Rapid Response Team (RRT):

It is a multidisciplinary team comprising critical-care-trained personnel, available at all times. RRTs evaluate patients who develop signs or symptoms of clinical deterioration outside of the critical care unit setting, possibly anticipating and thus preventing in-hospital cardiopulmonary arrests.

Nurses in ASTER MIMS are empowered and given authority to initiate active management for sick patients in-order to prevent patient complication by relocating patient to a critical care unit.

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